Tookaiya Japanese Cuisine

Tookaiya is one of the premier Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne located in North Essendon.

Since opening its doors in 1999 Tookaiya has impressed its customers with its warm friendly atmosphere and superb menu with the combination of traditional and modern Japanese Cuisine.

Our Head Chef and our Sushi Chef have over 15 years experience each. They are surrounded by professional and experienced support staffs.

From their extensive knowledge (some obtained overseas) our chefs have developed many delicious dishes which grace our normal menu and our seasonal specialty blackboard menu. Our chefs will also prepare a number of specialty dishes for our regular customers so that each visit can be a new gastronomic experience for them.

Why not experience a pre-order live lobster. This will be served initially as sashimi an then the remaining part of the lobster will be prepared either in a delicious ginger and spring onion stirfry egg noodle or with udon soup.